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Born through an imbalance of gravity during the initial phases of a protostar’s creation, 3 galactic warriors blasted into existence. Leading their battles with melodic forces, their weaponry consists of guitar axe, spear-blade keys, a hammer bass, and space tridents used to pound the skin of a drum. Together their sound generates an energy so powerful it can bend the fabrics of space time, allowing strategic advances on enemy foe (Lergen dangers). This energy, used to silence the darkest enemies of our Universe and keep order for the Galactic Counsel, is known as The Triangulum… the most powerful force in existence. The 3 mighty warriors: Solaritus, Vithrox Beta, and Zenthar56, are entrusted by the Ancients to control this energy. Together they are known as The Galactic Groove Company.

Solaritus: Keys / Guitars / Weapons Defense Systems

Vithrox Beta: Bass / Engine Controls

Zenthar56: Drums / Navigation Systems